The Work vs The Job

I don’t go to Work to do my Job. I do my Job so I can go to Work.

Imagine for a moment I were a bus driver. It would be my Job to keep the bus clean, safe, gassed up, on schedule, and going in the right direction.

By doing my Job, that allows me to do my Work. The part I would do for free. The reason I wanted to be a bus driver in the first place.

To fill my bus with people and help take them where they want to go.

So do the Job of getting in the room. Make the time, stay hydrated, get yourself a mat, and show up.

Then you can do the real Work. The reason you do it in the first place.

Posture Tip-Awkward 1st Part

img_8755Sit down until your hips touch the chair.

Everybody has a slightly different chair depending on their anatomy, mostly the length of the femur bone.

Sit too low, and you cannot lift your chest up and bring your upper body back , so that your total spine is backward bending.

To go deeper in the posture you aren’t trying to sit lower. You are trying to lean back and fall down backwards.


Play Less

Music was my first true love. It was my college study and first career.

Primarily, I play the electric bass. My Dad played the tuba in a dixieland jazz band so I was always surrounded by music, and I started playing instruments at an early age.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a hotshot player. A gunslinger. I played a lot of notes, and I played em fast. Fast meant you were pretty good I thought.

My Dad taught me otherwise. 

He said, “Even more important than the notes you play, are the notes that you don’t play. It’s the space between that creates music. No space, and it’s just noise.”

The same principle applies in Bikram Yoga.

It’s the space (stillness) between that is Yoga. No space, and it’s just exercise.

Studio Tip-Music Classes

Some studios offer classes where you practice along with music. These can be really fun for everyone and great yogatainment.

img_9317As much as I love music, we don’t offor those classes at my studio. You see…

Music, perhaps more than any other outside influence, can deeply impact our feelings and emotional state.

I believe that Yoga offers us space. And in that space we can free our minds to do the real work. Getting in touch with our selves. Developing a mind-body connection, and practicing self-realization.

That, is Yoga.

Bows And Arrows

It’s inevitable that at some point we will go backwards.

Often, our worldview will have us define backwards as the wrong direction. 

More often, it’s exactly the right direction.

Take an arrow…The goal is to combine a little bit of strength, a little bit of leverage, and a whole lotta concentration and propel the arrow forward with great precision to its intended target.

There is only one way to achieve this. First the arrow must go backward. And when it’s back, being pulled in the opposite direction of its intent, it cannot lament the fact that it isn’t going forward. Instead, it must enhance its focus on its target even more so.

Because at any point, for reasons unknown and uncared for by the arrow, it will be set free to effortlessly fly forward.

Posture Tip – Bow 
bikram14Every posture in the series prepares us for the next posture.

Be certain to hold the feet correctly, 2″ below the toes. Right where your toes start to grow out of your feet.

By holding the right way, one of the benefits of Bow is to stretch the ankles, preparation for sitting down Japanese style in the next posture, Fixed Firm.