#2 Pencils

Imagine for a moment, I had a #2 pencil and I asked you to Grab it.

Now Hold it. Now Grip it.

Now imagine it’s not a pencil at all, but your foot and you are in class. See the difference?

Grab it like you mean it. Hold it like a baby bird. Grip it like something you hold dear to you, and don’t ever lose your grip.

Don’t settle. Try the right way and be a #1 pencil.

Posture Tip-Standing Head to Knee & Standing Bow Pulling 

Version 2

In both postures first you have to Grab your foot. For the beginner, its hard to do, so don’t think about it just Grab it. If you think about it, you might convince yourself otherwise.

Then you Hold it. That’s the ultimate destination. Very little weight of the foot in the hand. Hold it like a baby bird.