Come Sail Away

Every day our body is a little bit different than the day before. And we have no choice but to live in the body that we are in.

To sail the ship we are aboard.

The ship may be different every day, but the same principles of sailing apply.

  • Through the wind and the waves and the weather keep steady your course.
  • Master your maps and your compass and refer to them often.
  • Stop to restock and refuel well before your reserves run low.
  • Make sure your crew is willing to paddle as hard as you.

And don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is always an option.  To fail is to have tried something new that might not work, and that’s where the best exploration can occur.

He who invented the ship, also invented the shipwreck.

Posture Tip-Rabbit

Pulling is the object of…img_2830

It’s pretty amazing. Simply by pulling we can stretch our spine. 

The harder you pull, you can stretch more. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I don’t make this shit up. It’s Newton’s third law.

So pull. 

Your friends will wonder what you’re doing to get such nice tone arms. Push-ups? Paddle boarding? What’s your secret?

And you can tell them no. I go to Yoga. And I pull.