Listen Up

Hearing is a gift. You can’t improve it, it can only degrade over time.

However if you can Hear, you can Listen. And that you can improve.

Listening is a skill. A skill we all strive to get better at.

At the start of class, I will often ask my students to “Please listen very close, and try your very best.”

There’s a reason we have two ears and one mouth.


Version 2Posture Tip -Locust Pose

Don’t Compromise Technique For Depth.

Locust is practiced with the knees locked and feet together.

The student on the left gets 100% benefit of the pose. On the right, the benefit is lost. In the back, a 7 year old making faces at her sister.

Note-Ruth gets a pass on her feet apart here. She is deaf and was still on her intro month.