We Are The Rebels

We are the Fighters. The Rebels and Reclaimers.

One of the reasons that Bikram Yoga is a beginners Yoga, is that everything we do in a posture is within a human beings normal range of motion.

I won’t ever ask you to put your foot behind your head.

Age, injury, stress, overuse, underuse…all of these things contribute to us losing some of the flexibility in our joints.

When you were 9, it’s likely that you could sit in Fixed Firm Pose and watch Tom & Jerry on a Saturday morning¬†without even thinking about it.

In our practice we are Reclaiming that range of motion.

Rebelling against stress and the wear and tear that living takes on our bodies.

Fighting back to have a happier life.

Posture Tip-Fixed Firm

Make sure heels are touching the hips the whole time.

If there is a gap there, then it’s outside of the knees normal range of motion.

No gap, no risk, and you can safely work to reclaim your range of motion.