Bows And Arrows

It’s inevitable that at some point we will go backwards.

Often, our worldview will have us define backwards as the wrong direction. 

More often, it’s exactly the right direction.

Take an arrow…The goal is to combine a little bit of strength, a little bit of leverage, and a whole lotta concentration and propel the arrow forward with great precision to its intended target.

There is only one way to achieve this. First the arrow must go backward. And when it’s back, being pulled in the opposite direction of its intent, it cannot lament the fact that it isn’t going forward. Instead, it must enhance its focus on its target even more so.

Because at any point, for reasons unknown and uncared for by the arrow, it will be set free to effortlessly fly forward.

Posture Tip – Bow 
bikram14Every posture in the series prepares us for the next posture.

Be certain to hold the feet correctly, 2″ below the toes. Right where your toes start to grow out of your feet.

By holding the right way, one of the benefits of Bow is to stretch the ankles, preparation for sitting down Japanese style in the next posture, Fixed Firm.