Seeing Is Believing 

I wish everyone could see what I see when I’m teaching a Bikram Yoga class.

Especially those who might not fully believe in themselves just yet. To see from my vantage for even a second would fill you with enough inspiration to last a lifetime.

And what is it that I see?

I see you.

So if you’re not sure and don’t quite believe in yourself that’s ok.

I see you and I will believe in you until you can.

Posture Tip-Standing Bow Pulling

In the setup, bring your arm up in front of you. You want to start the posture with your chin close to your shoulder. img_7651

In some postures we bring the arms over the head sideways. For example in Half Moon, to get the palms together and arms touching with the ears.

Often the dialogue tells us what to do, and the effect of doing so. So,

“Bring your arm up in front of you, chin close to your shoulder.”

5 thoughts on “Seeing Is Believing ”

    1. Hi Barbara that’s such a great question thank you for asking. I love my books!

      Of all the stacks of Yogic books on my shelves, what has helped me most in my practice isn’t contained in any of them.

      I’ve learned the object of my practice isn’t about Yoga it’s about me. Therefore the book is about me. And I am the author of it. And each time I practice I can write a new chapter.

      For a quick read that’s simple yet deep (much like Bikram Yoga) check out How Yoga Works by Michael Roche. It’s a fun fable I like to reread now and again.


      1. Hi! Thanks so much for the response. Makes total sense! The deeper I get into my practice the more aware I am of me how I am changing throughout each new awakening. I am always looking for Bikram Tips and Techniques online and was just curious if any particular have helped you. I will def check out ‘How Yoga Works’. I have learned a lot in my 4 years doing this yoga and you are right… I have learned the most from just being in the hot room and discovering what has happened within when I have pushed a lil further each time past my comfort zone. 🙂

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    1. Hi Panaprium thanks for writing me. That’s a great article! Very informative. Detoxification through sweat is great but as you wrote, the internal work we do to improve the functions of the main systems of detoxification(kidneys, liver colon, lungs) is far more impactual for overall health. Keep it up! It’s never an easy class, but you get stronger and learn to take better care of yourself.



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