Where Your Power Is

There is only one moment in which we can change our life. Only one moment in which we can heal ourselves, or have a positive effect on another.

Life does not exist 5 seconds ago. That’s a wonderful memory that we should cherish.

Life does not exist 5 seconds from now. That’s a beautiful dream that we should aspire to.

The only moment in which life exists is moment that you are in.

And that’s where your power is.

The here and the now.

Posture Tip-Cobra


Correct hand placement is crucial in this posture.

In fact, there are more instructions for the hands in Cobra than almost any other body part in any other posture.

Make sure that throughout the posture:

  • Five fingers together so palms are flat on the floor.
  • Fingertips in line with the tops of the shoulders.
  • Baby fingers in line with the deltoids.
  • Distribute the body weight all over the palms equally.

So not too high, not too low, not turned in, not turned out. Square underneath the shoulders.

Then glue it down and don’t change the hands anymore. You’re going to need them.

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