Weight For Me 

When I was 20 I hiked the Appalachian Trail. At 2190 miles, it’s the longest hiking only footpath in the world. For 6 months I carried my possessions in a pack on my back and walked in the woods, from Georgia to Maine.

When I started the journey I carried a lot. I had a 52 pound backpack and 100 tons of grief from the loss of my sister Kristen.

I realized quickly that carrying such weight around would make every step even more difficult than it already was.

I had to really think deeply about what I needed to be holding onto. 

So, I cut the handle off of my toothbrush in hopes of saving an ounce. I ripped the pages from my journal to save me from the weight of the binder. I let go of the disappointment in myself that I couldn’t save her.

Turns out letting go of things, even if they seem small and irrelevant, can add up and have a great impact on how we are able to move forward.

Ultimately I got the pack down to 45 pounds. But the weight off my shoulders from learning to let go was far greater.

Now my path is different. A 2000 sq ft hot yoga room.

Still though, it’s plenty of room to work on letting go.

One thought on “Weight For Me ”

  1. Thanks for sharing your story Billy. We all face different paths when confronting grief and after the physical loss of Kristen, I’m glad you were able to find yours. I am glad that it has led you to the one you currently tread.


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